Bloor West Shopping Guide

This week we wandered a little further West of the Annex to the Bloor West Village. Sway dances out here at Capoeira Camara, and knows the area better than me, so I eagerly followed her around from store to store.

After meeting up at Christie Pits and relaxing beneath the trees surrounded by dogs and frisbees we jumped on our bikes and fought the rush hour traffic as we headed West.

Our first stop was to refuel-come on, a 5 min bike ride deserves a treat-at Calico. We discovered Calico a few weekends back and were eager to be reunited. Calico is vegetarian and vegan friendly featuring delicious, nutritious food. But the greatest thing is they buy local/organic whenever possible. They take the local one step further with their backyard garden. A lovely server is the gardener and graciously explained to us the food, the restaurant, and the concept.
To refuel we nibbled on a rosemary, sweet potato and chocolate muffin. We were slightly perplexed by this muffin combination and figured since you only live once why not try odd muffin combinations? We were delightfully surprised by its tastiness. We washed it down with two date, almond and banana smoothies. SO GOOD!

Strolling down the street we entered the Vintage Depot. Here you will find a well organized second hand store. I was so impressed that everything was colour coordinated, for the first time in a thrift store I didn’t get dizzy upon entering:) With a little bit of time one could discover many treasures. Both Sway and I were drawn to dresses as the day was hot and sticky. Of course, if you are ever in need of a crazy 80s prom dress for a costume party, or just a regular night out, this is the place to come.

Just a block or two down the way is an amazing store called HAUS. This is probably one of my favourite stores that we have visited thus far. Not only was the clothing amazing, but the concept of the store is brilliant, and Rachel who along with William, created the store is fantastic. It was so encouraging to be received by Rachel with such enthusiasm, she has said she is more than happy to promote our project! We are convinced something fantastic will come of this new found connection as both HAUS and Local Buttons both make business cards out of the materials that surround us. They make theirs from card board boxes. Brilliant.

At Haus I bought my first, of many, pair of Tom’s shoes. For each pair of canvas Tom’s shoes you buy, a pair is given to a child in need. The idea is One for One. You can buy the shoes online or here at Haus, and various other stores around Toronto. Check out Tom’s website

There are a number of great bike shops in the neighbourhood as well! The Bike Pirates got their name by accident. They were registered incorrectly as the Pirates instead of Pilots but decided they loved the name! They have a great co-op program where volunteers help you fix your own bike. Financed by tips and bike part sales the place is a money saver and educational.

photos from top to bottom
Dress from the Vintage Depot
Sale Bin at Haus
Haus Business Cards
Onesie from 69 Vintage

If you find yourself in the Bloor West Village Check out:

Haus: 1265 Bloor St West

Vintage Depot: 1269 Bloor St West

69 Vintage Collective: 1205 Bloor St West

Bike Pirates: 1292 Bloor St West

Calico: 1226 Bloor St West

Holy Oak Cafe: 1241 Bloor West

Capoeira Camara: 1299 Bloor West


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