Planning a Fashion Show

A Fashion Show??

If you knew us, Sway and Anne, planning a fashion show would probably be one of the last things you would expect us to organize during our off time. But, fed up with the notion that the majority of our clothes have a far larger travel repertoire than ourselves, we decided to create a fashion show promoting local fashion.

So in T.A.N. coffee shop on Queen West, Local Buttons: An Ethical Fashion Show was born. Using our ‘extensive’ knowledge of fashion shows (garnered mostly from watching episodes of America’s Next Top Model) we set out in search of designers to showcase. We grabbed a local Toronto guide and our coffee pilgrimage took a slight turn into the form of a quest to check out Toronto designers as we sought out clothing lines we were most interested in.

We began approaching designers and for the most part were met with enthusiasm. We ran into a few bumps along the way as a few designers who tried to convince us our lack of experience would not allow us to create a successful event. We whole heartedly disagreed.

Again (like our pilgrimage for quaint coffee shops) Queen West seemed to win us over as we found ourselves predominantly drawn to this area. In the end we found four designers to feature: Preloved and Thieves Boutique from Queen W; The Coal Miner’s Daughter from Mirvish Village; and Miah Mills a Ryerson student who designs hand bags and accessories.

Our goal was to create more than a fashion show, we wanted to draw a greater awareness towards artist communities both locally and internationally. Thus, Local Buttons: An Ethical Fashion Show would function a fundraiser. We kept our eyes peeled for an organization that we felt would be in line with our fashion show.

Sway came across an article in the Globe and Mail about an organization called Brandaid that works with artisan communities in Haiti by buying local art and selling it in North America. The artisans in Haiti get paid at the time their art is bought and then share in 25% of the profit after the art is sold. We contacted the head of Brandaid, Cameron Brohman, to see if he would be interested in having us fundraise for his organization. Not only was Mr Brohman happy to have us promote his organization he decided to come to the fashion show as well!!

With the designers on board, an organization to fundraise for, and a host of wonderful friends who volunteered to model, to help us set up, to dj and many who were excited to come see the event everything seemed to be falling right into place.

All we had to do was hope that people would come when the day arrived….


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