Queen West Shopping Guide

We continue to find new ethical fashion shopping options in Toronto and thought we’d begin to share them with you in a weekly segment. Today’s post features stores on the fashion famous Queen West. Next week will feature the apparel treasures of another area of the city.

We had a lot of fun shopping. I feel the snapshots speak for themselves. The experience left us feeling very good as we saw so many great designs and interacted with very enthusiastic employees. There were a few highlights that come to mind.

We fueled our energy at T.A.N cafe, the birthplace of our project. The wonderful Marilyn Eng is the owner of T.A.N on Queen West and we suggest you stop in for a delicious refreshment. Not only is she very friendly but everything she sells is of excellent quality. The bean roaster in the entrance gives off the most delicious aroma and is an impressive size and design.

We were greeted by the lovely Adria in 69 Vintage. We couldn’t help snapping many photos of attractive clothes that were so reasonably priced.

We had a hoot trying things on at Fashionably Yours. Friendly staff put together all different kinds of outfits for us until we found the right look. There were a number of us trying things on…shoes seemed to be the focus. There are some hot red heels left behind by Anne only because they were not the right size… I suggest you go pick up those size sevens!

It was great to see Megan again, a lovely lady from one of our fashion show contributors, Preloved. Great deals going on in Preloved, including $20 skirts! In the heat of the world cup we found ourselves admiring clothes wilst discussing our team loyalties…and the good looking players.

Good company, an exciting Brazilian soccer match , optimal biking conditions, apparel treasures that cost $20 or less, and a most satisfying meal at Fresh that cost $23 for two, made for a delightful day. We can’t wait to experience another neighbourhood next week!

If you’re in the Queen West Neighbourhood you should definitely visit!

Delicious refreshments and beverages!
T.A.N Cafe: http://www.tancoffeetoronto.com/

Great deals! 69Vintage:

You’re guaranteed an affordable treasure
Fashionably Yours: http://fashionablyyours.ca/

Truly unique and affordable designs!
Preloved: http://www.preloved.ca/

classy selections and great accessories
Meg: http://www.megshops.com/

high end fashion
Thieves: http://www.thieves.ca/small.html


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