Sponsor an Entrepeneur!

Anne and I have many ideas. BIG ideas. We do not however have the DOLLAR$. It feels funny to request more hours at the bar to fund our projects when it appears to me that there is an abundance of wealthy businesses and individuals in our city. The 2009 Toronto Vitality Report ( http://www.tcf.ca/newsandpublications/publications.html) indicated that the city remained to be the second wealthiest in Canada. Wouldn’t it be logical for small community oriented initiatives, such as Local Buttons, to be considered by private organizations and individuals as investment partners? What’s exciting is the increasing number of such opportunities! Anne and I are searching them out…

We have come across a number of funding opportunities, one of which has been the Toronto Community Foundation (TCF). TCF has brought some really impressive projects to my attention. Michael Prosserman founded Urban Non-Violent Initiatives Through Youth (UNITY). His work has been recognized by TCF and he has since received a Vital People grant towards fundraising, management, and leadership courses as well as practical training with a mentor in the not-for profit sector. Check out his impressive bio at: http://www.tcf.ca/newsandpublications/michaelprosserman.html Congratulations Michael! I feel the followingbreakdance video, Agincourt After School Battle!, shows the power of creative solutions to community challenges. Check out the talent at: http://www.unitycharity.com/dance/video/agincourt-after-school-battle-2009-promo-clip

When I lived in São Paulo I was introduced to the founders of Zumaluma, a hip-hop group who formed to make social and environmental change in their community. Their enormous efforts had rewarded them with a community centre out of which they held creative workshops for youth and adults. The support they received in material and financial resources contributed to their success. With no contributions the success of their project would not have grown at the fast rate that it did. The community centre they created is worth viewing here: http://essory.blogspot.com/2009/11/coletivo-zumaluma.html. Just scroll down and it’s the first video in the column at the bottom left. Complementary collaborations have so much potential! Any time that I have been part of a collaborative effort or had a mentor the experience has been very valuable. As far as my experience with Local Buttons goes our partnership withBrandaid and aspiring artists has been priceless. And partnerships are far more interesting than working alone…

We will keep you posted on the opportunities Local Buttons pursues. Again, we have BIG IDEAS;)


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