Updates, Updates!

Slowly but surely we have been working away on our Peace by Piece Kennedy Line. Samples of vests to be produced from the second-hand market in Haiti, termed Pepe (click here for info), arrived in Haiti late May and we have been anxiously awaiting their return. Last week we received photos of two different prototypes, and the package arrived in the mail. Unfortunately due to the *high* security at the front desk of my building I have yet to be able to actually retrieve the package, but the vests are on Toronto soil, somewhere…

On another end, we have been working on designing an internship program where design students can create pieces for the Peace by Piece collection and work collaboratively with Haitian sewers. The idea we have is to create an ethical business model where University students can be part of the process from beginning to end. From the creation of the design, to the production and finally the marketing and selling of the items. This way sustainable jobs can be created in both Haiti and Toronto. Ideally students will have the opportunity to travel to Haiti and work directly on the production and share design ideas with local Haitian designers. We want to promote the value of art, fashion in this case, and the integral role it can play in promoting ethical forms of business.

INDEPCO in Port-au-Prince and the Brandaid Project here in Toronto, are both willing and ready to work with us on this project. First thing tomorrow morning we have a meeting with the head of the School of Fashion at Ryerson University to talk about the feasibility of a project such as this. Right now it seems as though the funding is the main issue. Alas, the never-ending battle of raising enough money for projects. We remain confident the funds will be found and rightly allocated!


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