New website geared towards buying used clothing in Toronto

A few months back Sway and I were talking about how amazing it would be to have a website or shared photo blog with your friends where you could post the clothing you have in your closet and their respective sizes so that you could share amongst all your friends. This way when you were going out or needed something professional for a last-minute interview you wold be able to tell through a few clicks of a button where you could borrow from. Just a few hours ago I came across something not quite the same, but interesting none the less.

A new site recently launched, promotes buying and selling fashion in Toronto. Shop My Clothes is free to use, easy to navigate and functions as a marketplace allowing for individuals to sell clothing. The emphasis is on reusing/recycling clothing, allowing for people to afford quality clothing at a cheaper cost, without having to purchase something brand new. functions like a high-end eBay, solely focused on clothing and related accessories. They have a donate button attached, so if the garment does not sell there always remains an alternative.

The site is very well-organized, you can perform succinct searches that narrow the fields to specific brands, style or size.

I highly recommend taking a look at this site, it’s just in time for fall/winter fashion that is affordable. While the clothing up for sale may not be Canadian or ethically made in its original form but by reusing it, the clothing gets a second life, or in our eyes a second chance.


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