New (Refurbished) Computers!!




We have needed new computers for a while now. Sway’s laptop, at a modest six years of age takes about five minutes to turn on, does not play videos or music, periodically freezes, is incredibly slow, and while using Word the cursor seems to have a mind of its own. The sheer frustration caused by her computer actually became comical to us, although it was rather time-consuming and inefficient when we were trying to get work done. This laptop was causing Sway to lose her sanity at a slow, relentless pace.

Mine on the other hand, is referred to as the Mammoth Beast. It’s an immense creature at 17 inches, and what feels like 30 pounds, though I have been assured by Dell that it is in fact only 7.08lbs. I refuse to believe this. Lugging this thing around feels like carrying a small child in an oversized purse. The beast still works fairly well, especially in light of the screen beginning to detach itself and having survived several viral attacks plausibly due purely to my lack of diligence in the security department. I have retired the laptop to my desk, allowing it to function as a desktop.

To rectify our sorrowful situation of dilapidated laptops Sway set off on a tireless search in an attempt to secure us free computers. Proposals were written and sent off to Apple and independent computer stores in Toronto. We knew it was a long shot but hoped someone would see the potential in Local Buttons and throw us a bone so to speak. Not to our surprise Apple turned us down, though they did send a very courteous letter in their refusal.

Alas, we came to the conclusion that while we may not be able to receive free computers, we could buy refurbished laptops thus allowing us to save major dollars and to reuse technology rather than continuously squandering away money to purchase the newest. There are many reputable stores throughout Toronto that offer refurbished computers. It’s quite ingenious really. Both of us were able to purchase business grade computers at rather modest prices. We can now pack the light little things in our purses and have them work just magically when we arrive at one of our many coffee hot spot destinations. Our frustrations have been calmed and even better we are doing what we preach-reusing rather over consuming.

We bought our computers from a refurbished laptop store in Yorkville,, where friendly staff walked us through our purchase. They were both helpful but not pushy, it was just what we needed. Leaving the store, however, I could not help but acknowledge the slight lump that rested in the pit of my stomach for having spent a lump sum of cash. We did find it rather amusing, or bewildering really, that while we thought long and hard about this purchase we were surrounded by people who were carrying bags and bags from boutiques in Yorkville, where dropping several hundred dollars a day was not such a big deal. It’s interesting to note the different dynamics that exist within even a city or neighbourhood. And utterly perplexing when you begin to think of the dichotomies that exist within the world’s communities.

With our new (refurbished) laptops in hand, we can only imagine how quickly things will begin to take off for our Peace by Piece clothing line and our internship program with Ryerson, Design Junction. We are currently working on some very exciting aspects in regards to both projects and cannot wait to share them with you in the upcoming weeks!

*We have been exploring just a little bit more throughout the Toronto cafe scene due to recently acquiring the Indie Coffee Passport, here. For $25 you can use your passport at 24 independent cafes across the city and receive a beverage of up to a $5 value, valid until March 31, 2011. We have discovered many new coffee shops through ours. One of our new favourites? The One in the Only Cafe at 996 Danforth. It is both cafe and bar, with a curtain dividing the two, though you are more than welcome to meander between the two. Check it out next time you’re out in the neighbourhood!

For information/articles on minerals that are mined in the DRC for technology and thus helping fuel one of the greatest humanitarian crisis’s of the moment click here, here and here


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