Dalai Lama and the Spirit of Dialogue

Last Friday we saw the Dalai Lama at the Rogers Centre, where along with 15,000 others we sat in relative awe of this man’s compassion. While what the Dalai Lama preaches: compassion, tolerance, forgiveness and selflessness seem like common knowledge, it often takes a person of a certain power or aura if you would like, to be able to relay the message. The Dalai Lama has been noted in the past to say that we are in the wake of a generation of passive observers. That we all want and ask, be it through prayer or teachings, for world peace, yet these words are often not transferred into action.

I definitely agree, last night’s election results where Rob Ford won the mayoral race was evidence of this. While we all witnessed scores of people protesting against a “Ford Toronto”, only 50% of eligible voters went to the polls. I beg of you, who do you think the majority of the non voting percentage was?

The Dalai Lama spoke of the man made disastrous creation which is climate change and our duty to take responsibility for our harmful actions on the earth. For greater insight on his climate change comments take a look at a blog written by my inspiring friend Zoe Caron here.

It was a beautiful thing to be in presence of a man who has dedicated his entire life to promoting peace throughout the world. His charisma transcended throughout the Rogers Center. Even far at the back, you felt his warmth, his light and warm  heartidness and his sense of humour. Upon sitting on stage he promptly pulled out a visor due to the harshness of the bright lights, it was such an honest gesture it was endearing. It was fascinating to see a man dressed in traditional monk robes to be sitting with a visor on, in a large stadium normally reserved for sports. I think it kind of put things in perspective, that all avenues of our lives are intertwined, and it is our duty to make the amalgamations work for us.

So, the question remains here: how do we create actions from our words? If 15,000 people actively came out to see his holiness in person, chances are there are many more wanted to but were unable to do so . So in Toronto alone there are many thousands of people willing to hear the message, but how many are willing to create the change?

The Dalai Lama spoke of the importance of the ‘spirit of dialogue’ and how this human approach is the way to heal the world’s wounds. As fundamentally we are all the same and all wish for the same thing ‘a happy life’. This seems like the best way to create change. By encouraging ongoing dialogue won’t we all become that much more engaged and from this sense of engagement hopefully change will be inspired, brewed and instilled.

With this renewed desire to evoke the spirit of dialogue, we hope to continue on as we prepare to leave for our trip to Haiti. We will continue to engage in constant dialogue with those around us Toronto, and land in Haiti with open ears and warm hearts, listening intently to what people tell us is needed to create the most ethical line of clothing possible.


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