The stars aligned for our travels home

Our host Lionel (left) and Business Partner, Hans

Tuesday we had the most incredible traveling experience either one of us has ever experienced. It was if all the travel GODS came together and sprinkled their sparkly travel dust down upon us.

For starters we had a lovely last lunch with Hans and his daughter, Aida right before we left. A buffet of perfectly spiced Creole-Canadian inspired food filled our stomachs as we basked in the heat and breathed in our last few gulps of humid salty air.

At the airport last hugs were given and final farewells said. We boarded the plane dragging our feet with reluctance only to be greeted by two of the fabulous Air Canada flight attendants who brought us to Port-au-Prince the week prior. Air Canada only flies to Port-au-Prince on Tuesdays and on our way down we chatted up a few of the flight attendants who to our delightful surprise remembered us, and our business project.

To help us celebrate our excellent and prosperous week our lovely crew, Claudette and Bill, generously supplied us with complimentary wine, snacks and conversation for our flight. Right across the aisle from us sat Danny, a Haitian born, Montreal based musician returning to Montreal after a two month stay in Haiti. Danny has expressed interest in collaborating with us in regards to an event where we launch the Pep clothing line. We want a Haitian/Canadian blend of music and he seems like the perfect fit!! He even gave us some fresh, unroasted coffee beans to take home with us as we did not have the time to get our own coffee before we left.

After arriving in Montreal, we were wandering aimlessly killing time before our next flight.  A lovely man, Carlos, approached us and took us up to the VIP room. I am not sure if you have ever visited one of these great rooms but they are pretty fantastic. A food buffet is laid out and you are free to pour yourself a drink (or two). Newspapers, magazines and wi-fi are at your disposal.

After Carlos let us in, a man sitting near us struck up conversation. We thought he looked familiar, and as I explored the room freely, Sway stayed and chatted. The man in question was Bob Rae. We sat down and had a chat with him where he told us of his new book he wrote and is promoting and we informed him of the going-ons of  Local Buttons and dropped him a business card.

As we left to board the plane, Mr Rae informed us he was proud of what we were doing and looked forwarded to talking to us again. We came home to an email waiting from him!!

To top off our magical travel experience, Sway’s roommate picked us up from the airport! We could not have asked for a better greeter than she!

We are still marveling at this magical travel experience, and I am pretty confident I will be traveling with Sway from now on!

Graffiti in Port-au-Prince 'Haiti Will Not Perish'


2 thoughts on “The stars aligned for our travels home

  1. Hi! Just to let you know that I read, about what a fabulous day
    you had when you came back from Port au Prince. Its a good sign! You guys deserve it! Keep in touch!

    Claudette (flight attendant on your flight)

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