It’s the Final Countdown!!

Design Junction. Art by Dani Benton

If you have been following our blog, you have heard us speak of this before. But here we go: Our final plug for our Indie Go Go fundraising campaign. Why might you want to support Design Junction? Let us elaborate.

What’s Different about Design Junction?

Design Junction is solution driven.  It supplies the demand for an avenue to engage in ethical business development that offers an alternative purchasing market for buyers in the apparel industry.  Design Junction is proud to work with the growing community in pursuit of constructive solutions for the challenges presented within international business operation. Design Junction works on behalf of the betterment of all its partners with the intention of continually improving livelihoods and wellbeing through ethical employment and profit sharing. Pép is modeled to be self-sustaining through sales.

Help fund the successful take-off of Pép, because it has a bright and driven future! For the past two months we have been running an online fundraising campaign on Indie Go Go to try to raise $5000 towards setting up Design Junction. With only 3 days left on our online campaign we urge you to check it out here at

First help Pép into Retail, and then we can talk expansion!

Design Junction will operate through digital and direct communication of designers and garment makers. Designs and consultations can be done digitally between Toronto and Port-au-Prince via video conference calling, email and phone calls. The internship program being developed for Canadian designers will facilitate the opportunity for designers to work directly with the tailors to co-design and produce garments for Pép. Not only will design skills be exchanged, but interns will be selected to work in the information technology and systems, production management, and marketing departments of INDEPCO. Haitians and Canadians will benefit from the professional work exchange offered by this unique cross-cultural work experience.

With measured and conscious steps, Design Junction plans to make Pép a Big Deal in the design community.

For a little more information you can check out a radio interview we did with George Christie on Iceberg 85, Sirius Satellite Radio. The interview ran December 25th and 28th and you can listen to it here:

Pep vest modeled by Sarah Jurgens

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