Partnerships made at Ryerson Inspire Pép!

It is marvelous to become more and more immersed in the Ryerson fashion community. Indulge me as I share the inspiring new relationships that have immerged from the seeds we planted in with Robert Ott, the Chair of Fashion, and David Brame, asst. prof, last summer. Seeds transformed into stems when we met Dr. Lu Ann Lafrenz, assoc. prof, and presented Local Buttons to her Master Design class more recently in January. Stems of growth have turned out many buds of potential throughout February…We are on the verge of blooming. How timely as it is nearly spring time!  Ok. I will now loose the analogy and deliver the grounded…earthy… details (oops…it’s just I can’t wait for the greenery and shine of warm weather!)

Anne and I released the Local Buttons (LB…it’s time to be an acronym!) journey unto the  Ryerson master’s design class in January and were incredibly encouraged! We we were answered with praise and thought provoking questions around sustainability in fashion. Students Tanya White and Sarah Portway have since become interns with LB! Mayan  Rajendran continues to work with us, and Jenifer Forrest, currently running a successful business called Bennie and Olive, is working with us to update the LB business plan. We can’t wait to release more details regarding the fruition of these partnerships!

My favourite activity of late with Ryerson was LB’s participation on an opinion panel! Dr. Lafrenz’s class was assigned the challenge of designing a garment from used clothing in a deconstruct/reconstruct project. The completed designs were easy to praise! The innovation and creativity was fantastic. For some it was their first time sewing a garment!

I’d like to share some images of Mayan and Jenifer’s respective work that they have made accessible on thier blogs. It is definitely worth checking out!

The design creation

The LB is due back at Ryerson March 16th to present our activities to Pauline Ashworth’s, PT instructor,  4th year Design undergrad class.

We have BIG plans for expanding the Pép line. Our interns and partners are fantastic. Thank you all. Spring really will be a fruitful time with exciting new developments!

Made from the yarn of three unravelled mens sweaters!

We will share the roles being filled by talented Tanya and Sarah as interns with LB shortly, we will update the developments of Mayan’s designs for Pép, and we will soon have a comprehenisve busineness plan to put forward as we work to complete it with Jenifer.

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