Making us technical

Our interns from Ryerson’s Master’s of Design Program started early this month, and we couldn’t be more excited. The diversity and magnitude of these ladies talents are undeniable. We can already see how their ideas are inspiring Local Buttons. Today, Tanya is ‘guest’ blogging for us in the first of her three part series! Tanya has design and technical skills Sway and I barely even dream of, and honestly when we meet with her it feels like we have known Tanya all along.

May 26, 2011,

I am 2 weeks into my internship with Local Buttons.

My role at LB is technical and creative apparel design for their Pep line.

First, the technical… this starts with completing line drawings of the sample garments created by Anne and Consuelo during their first trip to Haiti. Each drawing acts as a map of the proportion and details of their design. I try to render the exact shape and stitch of every seam, neckline, armhole, hemline, topstitch, etc.

It sounds a little boring, but it is a challenging task that generates a satisfying result. This is also an important step in translating a design idea into actual clothing. It allows the factory in Haiti to understand the design in concrete terms and ensures accuracy in the production phase.

Next for me, the spec sheets!

For my creative contribution, I am brainstorming a unisex design that will relate and compliment the Local Buttons aesthetic. This idea is my solution to sustainable design. One design with many wearers and ways to wear it! I am still thinking and problem solving, hopefully there will be an update on this in my next blog entry.

I thought I should share a sketch that will be included in my LB visual diary… there will be more illustrations to come.



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