The Great $2.00 Debate?

Anne and I feel it is important to remain current on the activities taking place in Haiti’s garment industry right now. In addition we want to explore the rich and inspiring history as well. As the Local Buttons line develops it can be informed by the creative process with our research and reflection. Gathering information of all types will develop a rich glossary of sources to support the relevancy of our work on the comprehensive design of the LB line and vision.

Below are my thoughts/summary of an article that was brought to my attention, written by Ryan Chittum and titled “A Pulled Scoop Shows U.S Fought to Keep Haitian Wages Down (UPDATED).

It is June 13th, 2011 and we are still discussing whether or not to pay garment sewers $3.00 or $5.00s a day? Really?

Richard Noll, CEO of Hanesbrands made 10 million in salary and bonus last year, just one-sixth of that $10 million could pay for a $2 raise for his companies 3,200 t-shirt makers. Noll would not even be required to “sacrifice” as much as one-sixth of his earning as there’s no doubt consumers would absorb some of the higher production costs through the higher pricing of finished clothing. I’m appalled.

The furry from contractors of large companies like Hanes brands and Levi Strauss regarding a proposed minimum wage raise to $5.00 a day drove the US ambassador to persuade Haiti’s president to establish a minimum wage of a meager $3.00 a day. Garment makers have been reduced to economic transactions governed by the bottom line of profit. This is disappointingly connected to the Obama administration.

REALLY we are discussing $3-$5 a day when $5 a day wasn’t even %50 of what was required to sustain a small family in Haiti3 years ago?? According to the article $12.50 a day was the minimum required to sustain a family of three (two kids) in Haiti in 2008.

It never fails to baffle me how absorbed people in the industry are in profit. Their bottom line focus blocks up their capacity to be human and just do the right thing. Engaging in their humanity and willfully changing company input-output strategy would drive the company reps to reevaluate the methods of production and distribution of sales.

COME ON! Blood clothing was never cool.

Sometimes facilities look ok, might even pass code standards, but the pay is not advertised and of course you show up to work clean and proper. What are the conditions outside of the work place? (this is a Levi Strauss factory, ( )


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