Moving Forward

So many beautiful beautiful adventures are on the rise for us at Local Buttons. The commencement of summer has brought not only the heat but a happiness we Canadians experience as  excitement exudes through our pores as we relish in our few glories summer months. We are using this as momentum to propel ourselves forward in the business. Check out our new logo created by the talented Louie Plantado.

Our talented, wonderful interns have exceeded our expectations! Tanya has created our technical sheets (and pattern grading-two things that were definitely outside our element) so that just last week we were able to place our very first purchase order! 40 vests will soon be on their way across the ocean to  us before they find themselves lovingly adorning one of our friends. We anxiously await their arrival!

With Sarah we have coordinated our first photo shoot. Tomorrow morning a wonderful group will assemble to create Local Buttons first marketing materials. We have two gorgeous models, a talented make up artist, creative stylist, and of course Sarah, our photographer. We cannot wait to see how the day unfolds. The shoot is centered around a theme of transportation as we feel this is relevant to the life cycle of the clothing we are creating. Quite literally our clothing travels the world, but the line is also an exploration-what better way to showcase that then through the theme of transport?

Beyond this, we are trucking away at our business plan. It’s an exciting and learning process for us. We have partnered with some incredibly generous and experienced professionals who are working with us to fine tune our business language.

And finally, we are planning our next trip to Haiti!! The plan is to stay in Port-au-Prince for 2 weeks this time. We will create new designs, and fill another purchase order. Also, we will set the stage for future orders to be created as smoothly as possible. Through some wonderful interactions and connections we have secured a place to stay right close to the INDEPCO factory. We anticipate a much different experience this time around in Haiti. We cannot wait to both experience and share it!


3 thoughts on “Moving Forward

    • Thank you so much! I have been thinking so much about Ecoar since I have been here. There need to be community workshops to implement environmental conservation strategies in P-a-P. Disposal of waste is severely lacking here. It is very upsetting to see. How is the Ecoar family?? I miss you!!

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