Local Buttons Photo-Shoot: A Behind-the-Lens Perspective

 Last Saturday a group of seven keen individuals braved an un-seasonably cold day to capture the first images of Pep fashion on film – or digital memory card to be technically correct.  I have been involved with photography for many years, but have only switched to digital media within the last year or so.  I suppose you could call me a ‘late-adopter’ although I think financial strains perhaps played a larger role than my Luddite tendencies.  My nerves before the shoot resulted in hours of pouring over my camera manual to ensure I knew where every button was and what it did.  This process took at least 6 hours throughout the week as my Nikon D90 manual reads more like an encyclopedia of functions.

This did not calm my growing nervousness – what if I can’t get the white balance right and I miss a great shot? What if I forget how to adjust my ISO on the fly?  I had never been involved in a fashion shoot and I had never been the sole photographer responsible for catching the moment despite having been involved with many weddings and artistic photo-shoots.  As a result, I was very snappy with my partner/equipment jockey the morning of the shoot.  Lucky for me he is very understanding and seems to have forgiven me.  (Again, sorry I was an angry-bird!)

I had been keeping my fingers crossed for an evenly overcast sky and I got half my wish.  The lighting was beautifully diffused but was changing in subtle ways that any photographer knows can be challenging.  Our first shooting location was the trickiest.  The light was changing almost imperceptibly and our lovely models both required different lighting situations – thank you Nikon D90 for having ‘Active D-Lighting!’ After this first location – the beautifully uselessSugarBeach– it was smooth sailing for me.

We walked over to the Gardiner underpass atJarvis Streetwhich attracted the attention of several cars passing by due to our model Sarah’s exposed gams and obvious beauty. There were no car accidents, but several honks and maybe even a few neck-strains as people whipped theirs heads around to stare.  As Local Buttons were going for a transportation theme in their shoot, I had the idea of catching the cars passing by in the background which were blurred by a slow shutter speed.  After setting up my tripod and taking a few test shots, I finally began to relax – a little.  These images turned out better than I ever could have hoped.  The effect made it look as if our models were sexy-hitchhiking in their beautifully hand-crafted Pep vests. Their chemistry really came to life under that usually grey and dull highway.  Aside from the cold weather and the need to cover Sarah in a jacket between shots, things were really heating up. 

I think the theme of our shoot was “Don’t sue me, I’m going to. . .”   The models were starting to get friendly and the resulting images are intimate and a little voyeuristic.  After we moved over to theCherryStreetBridge, in addition to the intimate embraces I was capturing there was also a very sultry kiss – all in the name of fashion I’m sure. (Insert smiley emoticon here…)  This was the coldest location yet as the wind whipped up from the water the goose-flesh was almost caught by my camera.  I’m sure the kiss was just to stay warm – right?

We had to cut it short at this point, it was cold and time was running out before other obligations became priority.  It was time for a celebratory beer and review of images.  My nerves finally settled for good as I reviewed the amazing shots we had taken.  All my stress finally melted away over a pint and some food at Barvolo onYoung Street.  Thanks for the beer Local Buttons!

Until next time – thanks for reading!



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