Flexibility and Versatility in Design

Tanya’s second post:

Since my last blog entry I have completed the technical drawings and specification measurements for the existing LB PEP line. My design contribution is the addition of a unisex tailored shirt. I spent this weekend patterning, cutting and sewing the sample.

This design addresses sustainability in multiple ways, first it is meant for both sexes. The idea of unisex design is becoming more popular and it is an interesting way to increase the function and marketability of a garment.

The most obvious sustainable quality is the garment is made out of found clothing. Found in my closet! I took a Ralph Lauren men’s plaid shirt from the 80s and a pair of Levis that I had bleached and worn to death and donated them to this new design for LB.

Lastly, this design is intended to have flexibility in its style. I envisioned the design to be worn in many ways. I think this will encourage the customer to buy less and wear the clothing they have more.

Hopefully this unisex shirt will be a must-have for the LB customer!



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