First Impressions

  Brooklyn was the best launch pad I could have asked for our trip toPort-au-Prince. The environment was so dynamic as we made our way alongProspect Ave.Along streets lined with tall brick apartments with their little metal gates that opened on to them. We paused for photos. We brunhed at a small Mexican restaurant where our eyes were wide from the sight and tastes of delicious bottomless mamosas, bloody mary’s (extra pimento), and exquisite, colourful, platters of Mexican tastes. We mozied on to paint our nails classy colours for our “workation”.

How fitting that Anne’s friend Carolyn had invited us to her pop-up vintage yard sale! I finally got the chance to walk through basement shutters that open up like trap doors on the sidewalk pavement, revealing staircases that take you down into the basement. We crossed under and up into the backyard where the clothing was hung on racks and laid out on blankets. Yummy sangria and lovely stylish ladies immersed in the sounds of catchy tunes passed the afternoon delightfully. I love the jumper I bought…and wasted no time to sport it inPort-au-Prince.

Here was another example of the need to up-cycle clothing either to a new owner or as reinvented pieces.

But what a feeling to arrive inPort-au-Princefor the second time. Hot and sunny we placed ourselves in front of a crowed expecting arrivals at the airport. The kindly Perez found and welcomed us (I cant imagine how he singled us out!? 😉 ) and we soon joined Vincent in his vehicle and were making introductions as we carried on to his home. We were beaming. Fast friends were made.  As we drove we noted how much cleaner the streets looked. That was exciting to see.

The house we were welcomed into is exquisite. It’s large open windows lets the inside air exchange with the outside air. The many plants make everything so green, lush, and cool the air…

The highlight of the day was being re-united with Hans and the tailors of INDEPCO, we were all laughing with delight. Mademoiselle was there just as she was before with the best coffee served. I want a chance to hug her…maybe by the end of the trip? And Seal had made another vest from our pattern. It was a feel good day! And to end with a dip in a pool, a glace citron, and play time with Vincent’s little Steffan leaves me so content and ready to rest up for tomorrow…



2 thoughts on “First Impressions

  1. CONSUELO!!! WE MISS YOU, more importantly I MISS YOU! I hope your having the time of your life and more than ever people are asking where you are and have no idea that you have your own company! Cant wait for you to be back and hear all about it. I love reading your posts and hopefully the big storm didnt hit you too hard where you are 🙂

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