tête à tête

Perez wears LB vest...with swagger

tête à tête, The Kreyol phrase that Perez used to describe the making of our clothing. That has been our dream from the beginning, combining Haitian and Canadian creativity to complete Local Buttons garments. Overjoyed, we’ve adopted the phrase into our line.

The market is becoming a familiar place. Perez has become the Local Buttons knight in shining armor. This stud of PAP has out of control swagger. The previous trip to the market left us so excited as we watched him pick excellent items to make into LB garments. Jackets, shirts, pants, jeans…colours, buttons..he gets it! Already we’re becoming regulars with vendors showing us the kind of pieces we’re looking for just upon sighting us and at fantastic prices. Perez has told us he is excited to take on the responsibility of purchasing and delivering Pepe to INDEPCO in our absence! This is the most valuable asset for us. He has paved a road where there was not even a sight of a way before. Perez has taken such incredible care of us Buttons and showed us such a good time…motos included 😉

The relationships formed at INDEPCO are strong. We enjoy the bursts of songs everyone joins into, the visits we all make with each other during the work day, the jokes played in the event of language barrier, and the creative work of the vests the product of all of our combined efforts. And the DELICIOUS coffee brought by our Haitian grandmammy. It’s a dream come true. Familiarity within a workspace has inspired the completion of so many wonderful vests. We felt free enough to call out in joy and hug the tailors as the finished items began to stack up. We felt the support of everyone. We kept trying on the vests and having the tailors wear them as well. Lots of laughter made us all feel like a mighty success. It’s hard to say goodbye!

We appreciate the patience with which we have been received at INDEPCO. The consultations that got us through particularly difficult moments in the assembly process were managed professionally and considerately. We felt heard and taken seriously and we listened intently so as to monitor and strategize the production process accurately. It was an incredibly challenging and satisfying experience. But one that has taught us elements of project management that we are thankful to have had brought to our attention. Things are only becoming more organized and efficient…never discouraging our ethical bottom line!

We love the final product. There were enough speed bumps a long the way that left us shy of what we’d initially expected from our first purchase order. There are also remain adjustments and clarifications to be made. However, smoothing out complications pertaining to cutting new patterns to size, training tailors to sew complex patters, developing the assembly process, and managing a faire timeline are well worth it. With a strong foundation and the experience of this order we trust next order will be produced much more easily and yield a larger number of garments. Exciting! The best part, not only are just us Buttons excited, but so are the tailors! They eagerly await the details of the next order.

When the tailors saw Tanya’s jacket design they were crazy in love. We all look forward to its inclusion as a sample in the next order. Thank you Tanya!! Vests were bagged for their flight toCanadaafter a quick photo shoot and goodbyes were said. We have heavy glad hearts. We’d love more time here, we could sure use it! But with things organized and smiles all-round we are grateful to leave on a high. Thank you to our partners at INDEPCO for helping us live a dream. We are delighted that we have so much more work to do together…


2 thoughts on “tête à tête

  1. Its so refreshing to see positve change happening at street level, something the average Joe can grasp and understand, something thats got roots both here, and in a country where there is so much negative happening this is a breath of fresh air, where the effects are being felt at both ends because it is an EQUAL partnership, which is the best kind. Keep up the good work local buttons, I eagerly await your next post!

    • Thanks for your comment Tom! We are very encouraged by the way you have described the relevancy of our project. It is exciting working in such a positive partnership immersed in the spectacular P-a-P. We are only learning more and more and doing our best to inform our project strategy with the knowledge we gather… Thanks for tuning in!!

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