The Toronto “tête”

tête à tête is product of heads in Toronto and P-au-P. That is the only way we can begin to make sense of why we’ve come back to Toronto! Yes, there were so many reasons we would have liked to stay longer in P-au-P. However, it’s a healthy challenge to transition back into the Toronto vibe. The space where the 1st “tête” of the partnership was inspired over a year ago, it seems like such a long time ago.

Thank you so much for such a warm and supportive welcome back home! It was wonderful to see everyone. We missed you! Us and Our vests were so lucky to be received in such ceremony! including gluten-cheese free pizza complimented with wine!

We are comparable to proud parents! Haha, we are delighted with the clothing and eager to show off the designs. The adventures we share with Toronto designers and Haitian tailors are sewn into these garments. Such is the richness of the experience that you will feel their vibe when you wear the clothing! It’s a good thing;)

The next weeks will connect early bird buyers to their vest and new buyers to the few remaining garments from our first order. We’ve already made another Purchase Order! We’ve heard from the Tailors who are excited to begin the production and Perez is eager to source the material from the Pepe markets. Such momentum is so encouraging!

Want a vest? Let us know!!

Momma Debbs owns her LB vest!

A natural model!


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