ReFashioned was a Huge Success!


Dear All!

We could not have imagined the evening of our launch party unfolding any more spectacularly!

Friday night, Nov.25th, at the now  famous Nick’s Place, will never be forgotten by us for its success and significance. The evening was both action and people packed.

Nick we can’t thank you enough for opening the doors and letting us all flood into your incredible space.

Vests flew off the racks! It was so exciting. Our hearts were flooded with joy to see more and more of our guests wearing our vests and carrying parcels. We have requests for more that we can’t wait to fill!

Guess what! We haven’t wasted any time and INDEPCO is already producing more! We are hyper motivated, you all got us so pumped! We can’t thank you enough.

Our models were incredible Local Buttons ambassadors and it was amazing to witness. Each wore their vest in their own style, looking ridiculously good strutting down the runway stairs! When we followed the last model down the stairs we were nearly shocked into a loss of words by the sea of faces looking back at us. Image

Peter and Trish Lazar, the talents of Urban Room Disign and Production, and Nadia Tan, the talent of Six Nine Three, captured the action on film! We are very excited to see the footage from these wonderful artists. Some pictures taken throughout the evening are already posted on our Local Buttons facebook page and we can’t wait to share more as they come.

With every room in the house full we were given the opportunity to thank so many of the people who have helped us come as far as we have. In addition to thanking our incredible local community we could not emphasize enough the incredible work of our INDEPCO friends and partners.


Mako Jey, DJ extravaganza, took us deeper into a perfect evening with maddd tunes. Unreal dancing!

Thank you to Mad Mexican Food Products, and Chocosol for generously providing delicious eats and we hope everyone enjoyed our Button cookies and signature popcorns! Thanks to our incredible bartenders for quenching everyones thirst with out of control sangrias, mixed drinks, and steamwhistle beer!

We also look forward to sharing the print and online media coverage that was at the event when it is released!

A Night we Will Never Forget!

Thank you with all our hearts!


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