Year End…And Beginning!

There is something incredibly attractive about transportation.

Humber River Pedestrian Bridge

The movement creates the sensation of change, and for any conscious individual, change is good. Change is really good, I’m sure you’ve been told “Change is the only constant”?

The movement I experience en route begins to satiate my desire to arrive at change. I have never believed in stagnancy, it always seemed too limiting, unnatural. I remain convinced that keeping things the same is either more difficult or impossible. I’m not fooled though, changing things is not often an easy task. Therefore, I’m interested.

Notice the infrastructure required to support any form of transportation. The presence of bridges for example is fantastic. It’s no short task to build a bridge. And a worthy experience to cross one! There is a curious contradiction of simultaneous movement and rest and both are only significant in relation to the other. Why have a bridge if there’s no reason to cross?

It’s not all so unrelated to fashion and the year of Local Buttons.

There is so much beauty and strangeness created from the interdependence of matter. Amazing urban tapestries like Toronto and Port-au-Prince have inspired Anne and I to create the leading designs  of Local Buttons. The movement encouraged in cities has brought us the experiences that inspired our goals and facilitated our achievements. It’s both terrifying and delightful to reflect on 2011. There were so many frights and joys.

Anne and I did an entire photo shoot of our vests themed after Transportation. For us the theme illustrated our desire to take fashion somewhere closer to its ethical potential. We created sustainable jobs for tailors in Haiti and up-cycled hundreds of used garments into new designs to be re-sold as appealing pieces on par with high street fashion.

Fashion in Motion: Faderr Blak models a Local Buttons Vest

Tripping to Haiti was our most exciting decision…that we made twice. The friendships we struck up remain vibrant and inspiring to this moment. The experiences we had in the presence of sorrow and joy whilst in Haiti continue to help us make our decisions in Toronto on a daily basis.

Our experience in Port-au-Prince and resulting clothing line gave us  the opportunity to speak to Ryerson fashion students, recruit two student interns from the master fashion program at Ryerson, and meet those inside and outside of the fashion industry in Toronto, Montreal, and Nelson. Word of mouth soon brought us into correspondence with an international network. It’s an experience we are thankful for. I love the social aspect of our work, it is so lively and interesting.

There is incredible momentum behind us to move forward in 2012. We can’t wait to see you at our show room in the Distillery District for starters!

New stores are on the horizon.

More online activity is a promise.

Great travel stories are inevitable. Obviously.

And…another party or two? Absolutely.

A celebrity appearance in a vest? No doubt.

Heck, there’s even another fashion show coming up in March…

We are so thankful for this experience. We vibe each others creative energy behind Local Buttons and we’re inspired by your support. It’s because of you that we’re looking forward to 2012, business is not in session without people. And business is worth it when great people are involved, need I point fingers? Nope. You know who you are, and we’re not just talking about our parents!

2012 is a gift, Let's put it to great use!

Dear all! We wish you an abundant 2012 and can’t wait to drum up more opportunities to see everyone. Let’s enjoy the gift of a new year together!


One thought on “Year End…And Beginning!

  1. …”there is a curious contradiction of simultaneous movement and rest and both are only significant to the other”…Ii really think this is true !
    … 🙂 …

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