Guilty Pleasures for Eco-Fashion

These cold, wet, grey January days can lead to feeling a little gloomy and in need of a little sunny reprieve.  It’s days like this where we like to wrap ourselves up in our most comfy sweater, throw on a pair of knee highs, set the soup to simmer and sip cup after cup of soothing tea and contemplate life in it’s most mysterious intricacies.

While this indulgence is not always possible, these rainy days do serve as an opportunity to look within oneself and contemplate the next step-be it figuratively or literally.

For us at Local Buttons, our next steps are definitely exciting!

Our vests have been placed with care at Fashion Takes Action showroom in the Distillery District. Located on 55 Mill St, our vests share home with the likes of Meemoza, Miik, Rescued and Sole Rebels. They are nesting within the walls of the Artscape building #74, studio #202.

The space is beautiful, artistic and inspiring. Kelly Drennan and Sarah Kear of FTA have done an amazing job bringing a creative work space to life. Set to open the beginning of February, the FTA showroom is sure to bring in an array of eco-fashionistas/fashionistos from Toronto and beyond.

Local Buttons Vests at the FTA Showroom

FTA Showroom

Our latest purchase order is presently having its finishing touches added at INDPECO and will be en route to Toronto on Friday just in time to complete our stock at the showroom, to fill our first purchase order (Cottons in Nelson, BC!) and to be used at the upcoming Guilty Pleasures Brunch and Fashion Show at the Drake.

On February 4th, we will be taking part in an all day local fashion sale at the Drake complete with brunch and multiple fashion shows! Details here and here. It’s going to be an amazing day of beautiful fashion and delicious eats! We hope to see you there!


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