Refined Refurbished Button Lifestyle

La Belle Flanteuse

La Cuisinette

We can’t believe it ourselves, we love it! These are moments for us to savour. We sit here on the porch of this perfect refurbished house. Typing on our refurbished computers in the dimming light of Port-au-Prince, the sun complimented with the glow of a second hand candle. We sip a cocktail out of our mason jars and work at our evolving business plan. The home is surrounded by a tropical oasis that creates a sense of calm in the heart of the city of Port-au-Prince. The home is owned by the astounding family of our friend Gaelle.

The pieces from Gaelle’s family’s old house that fell to the ground during the 2010 earthquake have been collected to build this delightful home. Built from wood, concrete, and red tin we feel cozy in the open concept space with its own kitchen, bathroom, and shower. We love it! We feel very fortunate that this space has been made available to us and are very grateful for Gaelle and her family’s friendship.

It is very lucky the forest is still here as it stands as the only large green area within Port-au-Prince. Gaelle informed us her grandfather used to get up at four AM and scare off any tree-cutters interested in the wood to make coal.  Its conservation remains to be a struggle, however, there is ingenuity countering the dependency on coal for cooking. Alternative sources of energy including solar power are being made more accessible to the public.

Tomorrow we are excited to foot the mountain for a brisk morning walk and exploration before we go to work at INDEPCO.


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