Future Fashionings

Slow fashion is not a seasonal trend that comes and goes like animal print, but a sustainable fashion movement that is gaining momentum (Kate Fletcher)

contemplateIf I say eco-fashion or slow fashion this may convey an image of a burlap sack or an ill-fitted off-white t-shirt that you will throw to the back of your closet. It may cause you to think of ‘granola’ clothing, or perhaps something that is not for you, something too expensive or not modern.

But maybe it may convey thoughts of INNOVATION, creativity and beauty. Perhaps, like us you are uneasy with the current fast fashion model, which promotes quantity over quality most often at the expense of those who make our clothing and the natural environment.

Maybe you find yourself walking down the main street of the bustling hub of a city you inhabit searching for the innovative fashion you know exists to add to your professional wardrobe, but there just seems to be a lack of appropriate wear that fits your budget and stylish aesthetic.

This was the dilemma Consuelo and I found ourselves facing when we began to envision Local Buttons what sometimes feels like a lifetime ago;). We knew we could NOT be the only ones in search of accessible, affordable, stylish and well-made work appropriate wear.

Local Buttons has been a crazy journey. We have been so fortunate to meet the most amazing people along the way in both Canada and Haiti. We often say that ‘pepe’ is our passport anywhere. We have met inspiring entrepreneurs, artisans, innovators, academics, designers and mentors. We are excited to begin the next phase of Local Buttons and look forward to bringing you a more interactive way to engage with our line and those who make it. We are eager to introduce you to the men and women who make our clothing and source our garments from the pepe markets in Port-au-Prince.

We want to bring you inside the design and manufacturing process. To show you the detail that goes into making a pocket, the craftsmanship required to find the perfect lining and buttons for each vest and the beauty of seeing a garment come to life for a second time.

We invite you to share any and all burning desires and questions you may have regarding our process. We promise to answer in the best way we can-if we can’t use words we might just try to dance it out for you.


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