Launching Jewellery Line

large leaf handThis summer while in Haiti we partnered with the Italian NGO AVSI. AVSI works in Cite Soleil, Haiti on a number of community projects. Through AVSI we begun working with an amazing group of artisans to create an accessories line for Local Buttons. The artisans are young men and women who run 3 different ‘ateliers’ (workshops) in Cite Soleil creating job opportunities for its residents.

Consuelo and I had the opportunity to visit and meet with artisans in Cite Soleil a number of times throughout our July trip.  Cite Soleil is not an easy place to live or visit for that matter. There is much needed in the form of improvement of quality of life and community development. Education and job creation are paramount in this development. Above and beyond there is dire need for a reeducation when it comes to women’s rights.

Yet, in Cite Soleil there exists a large community of talented young artisans looking for work and a way to showcase their art and talent beyond the borders of Cite Soleil and Haiti.

We are so excited by this new endeavour and business project. Not only do we get to expand Local Buttons line, but we get to work some amazingly talented individuals and continue to promote up-cycling.  Local Buttons is excited to launch to our jewelry line of up-cycled oil drums. To launch we have 3 styles of metal cuffs available and the line is only expanding. Please check out our etsy site for more information or email us at

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