Fall Fashion Pop-UP

Join us and celebrate fall in all of its glory with our Fall Fashion Pop-Up Thursday September 26th from 5-8pm.

fta pop up

We have partnered with the Azadi Project and Nation Wares to bring you a fabulous Fall Fashion Pop-UP at the Fashion Takes Action Showroom in the Distillery District. These fantastic fashion companies create beautiful designs and promote ethical standards in the fashion industry. We are thrilled to partner once more with these two companies (we showed together at FAT this spring) to bring you all your fall fashion needs.

Facebook event


One of my professors once told me that every garment we wear carries an element of the person who created it. Fast fashion and our culture of consumption has created oppressive systems of production. NationWares exists to provide an alternative to fast and cheap fashion while creating new systems of development and sustainability within the industry.
Taking the form of a social enterprise, NationWares is able to break the cycle of poverty for marginalized people around the world impacted by extreme poverty, disability, and HIV/AIDS. Fashion is our vehicle to drive sustainable change as we support artisans that create ethically made products that postively impact their society, economy, and the environment. Each hand-crafted item carries a story of hope and opportunity because the person who created it has made incredible strides to transform their life, family, and community at large. We are delighted to share their dreams, products, and stories with the world.  

The Azadi Project:

“When is comes to fast fashion, people are  increasingly recognizing that the status quo is not an ethical or sustainable option. More than ever before, consumers care about the global impact their purchasing power has and they’re making conscious decisions about their day-to-day choices.

Particularly in light of the horrific tragedy that killed over a thousand garment workers in Bangladesh, consumers want to support brands that respect worker’s rights, liveable wages and a sustainable means of production. The Azadi Project brand is all those things and more. We’re proud to be part of this growing consumer consciousness, as well as a broader movement that is providing ethical alternatives that respect people and the planet, first and foremost. “


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