A few weeks back we hosted our 3rd Annual ReFashioned Show: A Night of Live Fashion and Cabaret. We were thrilled to bring together our love and passion for dance and fashion together with our desire to shake up the fashion industry to demand better.

This year was bigger and better than last. We hosted the evening at the beautiful Great Hall at Dovercourt and Queen and featured a live band, 3 cabaret dancers, 3 DJs, a body paint artist, a live auction and of course all the LB garb you could desire. Everyone came together to celebrate the night, our fantastic and thrilling year at LB culminating in the launch of our jewelry and accessories line and to support HERO, working with street kids in Haiti.

We raised over $2000 for HERO, an organization doing much needed work in the streets of Port-au-Prince. For more information on HERO check out their website here.

Check out some photos from the night from the talented photographer, Christopher Katsarova Luna

CTSC.HighRes.Final-0131 CTSC.HighRes.Final-9816 CTSC.HighRes.Final-0775 CTSC.HighRes.Final-0646 CTSC.HighRes.Final-0697 CTSC.HighRes.Final-9688 CTSC.HighRes.Final-9991 CTSC.HighRes.Final-9209 CTSC.HighRes.Final-9542 CTSC.HighRes.Final-9434 CTSC.HighRes.Final-0247 CTSC.HighRes.Final-0174 CTSC.HighRes.Final-9179 CTSC.HighRes.Final-0328 CTSC.HighRes.Final-9932 CTSC.HighRes.Final-0595 CTSC.HighRes.Final-0230


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