Hectic Haitian Highways

It never ceases to amaze us how crazy the streets of Port-au-Prince can get. Yet within all the chaos exists a gentle sort of beauty. Traffic seems to know when to pulse forward and when to hold back, despite the severe lack of street lights, traffic signs, and street names. Colours are vibrant and there is a life on the street we don’t get to experience too often in Toronto. Our Haitian life finds us spending many hours in cars tethered behind a sheet of glass watching the scene go by. Yet somehow we don’t seem to mind the vast stretches of traffic laden streets. Moving forward, if only behind the wheel, brings with it the sense of change and excitement. What we arrive to on the other end has as much potential as we can imagine.

The vibrancy of the streets can be inspiring, yet the stark contradictions of livelihoods – those with and those without – can be overwhelming and disheartening. We have learned to see our drives as ways to inform how we see not only Haiti, but ourselves, and inform our daily interactions. The gently beauty of the chaos is a strong reminder that of the craziness of life and you just never know what to expect as you round the corner.



One thought on “Hectic Haitian Highways

  1. …. I think it’s true that you can understand local life by watching out the window as you drive through the streets …

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