Let us all eat Cake

Or not…unless it’s gluten and dairy free:)

We are thrilled to announce our lunch program is up and running at the Design Lab in Haiti. After a tiresome search for the right equipment for the kitchen (honestly finding anything in Haiti can be trying at best) we can proudly announce the kitchen is (and has been for awhile) in full swing.

Not only do our fantastically talented team of tailors get to feast on delicious eats each lunch hour, so too do the rest of the workers at the facility. It’s Creole in all of it’s glory. The rice and beans paired with plantain and picklese in Haiti are the best we’ve tasted (we’re working on a Haitian fusion cookbook, just wait!). Each afternoon we are treated to the sweet scent of fresh cooking-the day I departed from the Caribbean sun the dish was crab and fresh veggies, DIVINE! The food is definitely one of the things we miss most as we have since returned to the polar vortex of Toronto.


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