We have had the absolute pleasure of working with two very talented and passionate tech interns for the past few months. We asked them to share a few of their thoughts about their time working with us and were thrilled when Marcelo agreed. It’s integral to Local Buttons success that we reflect collaboration at all levels of our company. From Canada to Haiti we know that we learn the most when we work as a team. Here in Canada Marcelo has been integral in helping us revamp our site, make our garment map and is working on a waste tracking system for us. If anyone is looking to hire a talented and ambitious web developer, Marcelo should be your choice!


I’ve been working for a long time as a freelancer programmer, and I’ve had with a wide variety of customers: a musician, an architect, an association, a bookstore and the list goes on, but still Local Buttons stands as an unique experience. Why? The fact that I’m writing this post is itself a proof that I’m being given the opportunity to do something different. Here, I get involved in more steps than just sitting there and programming. My opinion is valued and requested even when it doesn’t concern my field of work. I feel part of the company, not just a third-party who’s there just to deliver a service. This is the genuine Canadian spirit, in a country that thrived by welcoming people from all around the world, who were willing to contribute.

In Local Buttons, we (I feel like speaking as a part of the company) have nothing to hide; We’re proud of what we do and each step of the process is carefully designed (and constantly improved) to be respectful to people and to the environment, but none of this would have any value if the same idea weren’t applied to the interns. A great company is built from inside out, not the other way, and Local Buttons is a perfect example of that. It will thrive, just like Canada.

-Marcelo Canário, Intern web developer


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