It’s about beautiful clothing serving people and the planet.

Our mission is to mainstream refurbished clothing in a sustainable and stylish fashion.

Local Buttons operates with a sustainable business model that appeals to young professionals through its style, quality, and  innovative business model. Local Buttons refines refurbished garments manufactured by skilled tailors in Port-au-Prince Haiti. Ethical wages, the use of non-virgin textiles, and style serve Local Buttons triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit.

Local Buttons is co-owned by Consuelo McAlister and Anne Pringle who both bring a diverse and valuable skillset to the company. McAlister is an expert in cross-cultural communication and international relations and Pringle is an expert in sustainable fashion social media. Our common bond is our desire to create a profitable social enterprise that respects the rights of producers, consumers, and the planet. We are innovators and environmentalists working to incorporate ethics, environmentalism, human rights and fair labour standards into the global fashion industry.

Local Buttons strives to create sustainable fashion that is accessible and affordable in the North American market. Our commitment to our customers and the country of Haiti is reflected through honest and responsible business.


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